Crafting a strong sense of purpose in agile teams (Aidan Casey)

Room 2

Creating a sense of urgency with drop dead deadlines to get a feature out the door quickly almost always backfires. Maintaining a constant state of urgency takes a huge amount of effort and it undermines trust. Artificial milestones , drop dead dates and hurrying to get things built faster demoralises your team and results in absolute mediocrity. Instead you need to create a stronger sense of purpose in your team. A deep understanding of why a feature needs to built will motivate your team to own the result.

People are then more engaged and they own the outcome and result. A shared passion to deliver the best result for a your customers takes over and becomes infectious. You now need to step out of the way and let your team to get on with it.

In this talk I’ll take you through a number of techniques to establish a collaborative and trusted team culture which will help you to inspire your team and empower them to a common sense of purpose.

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