Scaling Agile – The First Person View (Dimitar Karaivanov)

Room 1
We’ve all heard great stories about huge corporations that went through hell to achieve agility. Typically, the acting storytellers are the consultants who were involved in the process. We rarely have access to the “first-person perspective” of the actual team in the trenches, which means we might only be getting part of the transformation story. Is it really always such a happy ending? Are all teams ready to leave Waterfall behind? Do they eagerly embrace the new methods?
When there’s support from top management, change can happen. However, it comes at a given cost and being prepared for it. This talk presents a step-by-step lean kanban transformation case study through the eyes of a middle manager and his senior vice president. It aims to offer an alternative, yet complementary, perspective to that of the consultant by covering a wide array of challenges at various levels of the organization and exploring some real-life solutions to real-life problems. This company has achieved amazing results in the past couple of years since adopting Lean and Kanban in all of its departments. They are a true innovator when it comes to uniting their digital teams on Kanban boards and automating parts of the process throughout the entire organization
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