Alina Amir-Qureshi

Scrum Master at Symantec

I happen to be The Scrum Master of an Amazing , Crazy, Challenging and Great Team at Symantec. Let’s not get carried away I do have my fair share of frustrations too.  In addition I get to be a career/business/life coach, a team facilitator, lean sigma coach and a trainer. 

I love learning , few years back that lead me to the world of Agile and now that I am hooked I hope it will help me on my journey of becoming a Lean Agile Practitioner.  My one wish before I die would be to see each and every girl in this world to have equal access to education.

My Sessions

Lightning Talk: An Agile Coach – Life Coaching Matters (Alina Amir-Qureshi)

Room 2

I would like to highlight the facts that:  How an agile coach can benefit from being a life coach? How crucial life coaching is for a team’s success? How can it can contribute to successful agile transformation? How it starts with self awareness? How team members can benefit from it personally and professionally? 

Track 2