Rob Healy

Principal Lean, Agile and DevOps Consultant at Ammeon

Rob is Principal Lean, Agile and DevOps Consultant at Ammeon where he advises companies how to accelerate the delivery of software-enabled products and services. A career encompassing Development, Engineering, Testing and Product Management roles has provided Rob keen insight into the real-world challenges facing organizations today.  Rob is an active leader in the Irish Agile community where he runs the monthly Agile and Entrepreneurship (A&E) Meetup Рthe largest such meetup in the country. He was awarded Young Citizen of the Year in 2005 by the President of Ireland and Volunteer of the Year 2010 by the London Irish Community and is a passionate advocate of working with individuals to form effective teams to drive change for good. He hold an MBA from London School of Business and Finance, a Higher Diploma in Management from the London School of Economics and a Degree in Mechanical Engineering from NUI Galway.

My Sessions

The Six Levels of Lean (Rob Healy)


Lean has had many iterations since Womack and Jones first described Lean Thinking in the 1990’s. The concept now covers diverse topics from assembly lines to writing code; from running multinationals to building startups; and from ¬†personal development to statistical process analysis. This talk describes what Lean is, what lean isn’t and why it matters […]

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