Woody Zuill

Independent Agile Coach, Trainer & Author

Woody Zuill is an independent Agile Guide and Coach and has been programming computers for 34+ years. He is a pioneer of the Mob Programming approach to teamwork in software development, and is considered one of the founders of the “#NoEstimates” discussion on Twitter.  His passion is to work with teams to create an environment where everyone of us can excel in our work and in our lives.

My Sessions

Opening Keynote: Estimates or NoEstimates? (Woody Zuill)


“The only sure thing about forecasts is that they are WRONG” – James P. Womack and Daniel T. Jones. Estimates have been the bane of software development projects for decision makers, managers, and programmers alike for decades. Managers/Customers want to know: When will it be done? How much will it cost? Which project should we […]