Dr. Laura Delizonna

Stanford University Instructor - Harvard Business Review Author - #ALI2022 Keynote

Laura Delizonna, PhD is a Stanford University instructor, executive coach, and culture consultant. She specializes in the practical, science-based mindsets and behaviors that drive effective leadership, team performance, and innovation. Recent enterprise clients include Google, Facebook, Disney, Golden State Warriors Basketball, Accenture, and Uber. With an expertise in psychological safety, resilience, emotional intelligence, and positive organizational culture, she equips leaders with practical tools to lead measurable, long term behavioral transformation. She’s taught at Stanford Continuing Studies for 16 years and is on the international faculty at McKinsey & Co. She has delivered keynotes and workshops in 20 countries, published four books, and is featured in Fast Company. Her Harvard Business Review article on high performing teams has 2 million views and achieved the top three articles of 2019. She completed a PhD at Boston University and doctoral research at Stanford and Harvard.

Leading High Performing Teams and Organizations with Psychological Safety

Although most leaders know the value of psychological safety, many have difficulty fostering it in their teams. Based on her experience working with leaders of Fortune 500 companies, Delizonna will share key practices that leaders have found useful for building the psychological safety in their teams such as actively soliciting input, modeling vulnerability, collaborative conflict, curiosity, recognition, and empathy. She will share her theoretical model that she uses to teach these key practices and frameworks she developed to relate psychological safety to creativity, collaboration, breakthrough performance and innovation. She will discuss anecdotes and learnings derived from working with teams to foster a more positive team culture and enhance psychological safety including common misconceptions, leadership challenges, questions, and application difficulties.