Mary Carroll

Managing Director and Emotional Intelligence Expert @ iDetermine

Leveraging a successful business career working for large multinationals like, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Symantec in online sales and advertising, digital and product marketing/management, Mary now provides Executive Coaching, and Leadership Development with a focus on EQi skills, training and consultancy services. Mary has experience in the following areas:

• Executive, Business, and Performance Coaching.
• EQi and Leadership Development.
• Transition Management (including 1st-time Managers)
• Digital Transformation (People)
• Confidence and Assertive Coaching
• Conflict Management.
• Unconscious Bias
• Intervention support
• Emotional Regulation & Impulse Control
• Executive Support Coaching
• Deeper Conversations
• Team analysis & structure

Mary works mostly at Board Level or with individuals transitioning into a Senior Role. This work is done mostly 1:1 or with small groups. The programs are designed to improve core Leadership competencies including; Authenticity, Coaching, Insight, and Innovation, and typically include psychometric data around EQi and other Leadership behaviours. These assessments give guidance to the work.

Emotional Regulation and Stress Management

Emotional Regulation and Stress Management – ‘ One of the fundamental composites of EI is stress management. Emotional regulation and is a key aspect of managing your emotions and stress levels. I will discussing in detail a powerful technique that helps manage your stress.