Nicolas Brown

Agile Coach @ ASOS.com | Business Agility | Project to Product | Data Driven Coaching

Experienced Business Agility Coach working within both public and private sectors as well as internal/client-facing engagements, Nick is dedicated to helping teams and individuals adopt Agile ways of working, through inviting leadership, teams, and individuals to think about their work differently.
Confident in senior leadership engagement, as well as proven leadership skills across co-located and/or geographically distributed teams, Nick is committed to enabling and focusing teams on delivering better business outcomes whilst relentlessly pursuing continuous improvement.

The importance of being blocked

Despite our best attempts at creating small, cross-functional and autonomous teams, being “blocked” is unfortunately still a common occurrence with many teams. Teams often identify when work is blocked but then stop once unblocked, rarely investigating the reason(s) why the blockage happened. In this session I'll demonstrate just how important being blocked is, the insights you may be missing out on and what data/metrics you can track for blocked work in order to quantify their impact.