Steve Tooke

Co-founder of Cucumber Ltd.

Steve is a software developer, trainer and coach.  Enthusiastic about improving his craft and helping others improve theirs. He specialises in helping teams produce business value continuously through improving communication and keeping their code maintainable. BDD is at the core of this process.
Steve has been getting paid to build software since 1997. Throughout his career, he has worked with renowned organisations like Coach in a Box, the NHS and for a major UK bank. Steve is a co-founder of Cucumber Ltd.

My Sessions

Workshop: Better Gherkin – for expressive BDD scenarios (Steve Tooke)


Behaviour Driven Development is an agile development technique that improves collaboration between technical and non­technial embers of the team, by exploring the problem using examples. These examples then get turned into executable specifications, often called ‘scenarios’. The scenarios should be easy to read by all team members, but writing them expressively is harder than it […]

Track 4