TENWOMENSTRONG Women in Agile Workshop with Lyssa Adkins & Carolyn Dragon

A Taste of TENWOMENSTRONG Gathering: Start Authentically, Explore Creatively, Live Expressively to Lead Your Life On Purpose - April 22nd, 2020

TENWOMENSTRONG believes in the power of women. We believe that every woman is wise and talented. We hold sacred the experiences that shape each woman’s life and give voice to her story. We meet each woman where she is in her life and support and encourage her to get to where she wants to go. 

Why “TEN”? On a scale of 1-10, we aim to live life at a TEN on purpose! YOUR definition of a TEN, no one else’s.

Co-leading this special offering are the TENWOMENSTRONG Women In Agile Program Co-Founders, Lyssa Adkins and Carolyn Dragon. Together they will create a space for a circle of women from the Agile community to explore together, celebrate one another and create structures for on-going support. 

 Join Lyssa and Carolyn as they lead you through a series of experiences and conversations to explore these questions. 

Who are you? What is really going on for you? What is really there? 

Probe, pull back and examine to understand what is. Dive into awareness and understanding that goes beyond the superficial review or analysis. 

What calls to you? What’s possible? How are you creating?

Open yourself up to possibilities. Reignite your flame of inspiration. Explore ‘What if?’ Gain new perspectives, new methods, new opportunities. Flourish by being creatively ALIVE. 

Where will you focus? As you purposefully step in and step UP, how can we, as women, support one another in the changes we’d like to make?

To lead a life on purpose means to MAKE IT HAPPEN. It is not enough to know who you are and to have a great idea, an amazing solution, an abundance of talent and ambition — you must confidently and courageously live it OUT LOUD! It takes focus, prioritization, accountability, and responsibility.

Expect our day to be interactive, practical, evocative and designed with time to think solo and to explore in conversation. We will not be in a rush! Instead, we will be in a space where the feminine essence is welcome and creates a vibe that is open-minded, whole-hearted, reflective, vulnerable, daring, enlivening, generous and maybe even full of belly laughs! 

Our greatest hope is that you close the day with a clearer sense of your authentic self, what you want, the possibilities and opportunities you can create and an idea of how you will express it, live it, and lead it on purpose – with a circle of women from the Agile community to support you along the way!



Date: Wednesday, April 22nd 2020

Venue: Croke Park, Dublin (Hogan Stand)


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