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This course is designed for Team Managers and Leaders who want to develop the skills and techniques to accelerate the delivery of great results and develop the team’s engagement and agility. The course will cover best practice in individual and team development, coaching the team as an entity, understanding the conditions required for successful collaboration and teamwork, and ensuring that individual and team values are aligned to achieve desired goals.

Earn valuable SEU and PDU credits by participating in our course, enhancing your professional development and certification journey.



Facilitated by : Liz Barron

Liz Barron is a highly qualified and experienced professional in the coaching field, holding credentials such as a Professional Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation, certifications in emotional intelligence assessments (EQi2.0/EQ360/Team EQ), and DISC profile assessment. Her accolades include being named the ICF Ireland Career Coach of the Year in 2014 and serving as a board member for ICF Ireland. With over 25 years of experience, Liz has effectively facilitated change in individuals, teams, and organizations. Her background spans ICT, Project & Change Management, and she has played a pivotal role in mentoring and coaching professionals in various business change methodologies. Liz, a graduate of the ILI Diploma in Personal & Business Coaching and a member of the International Coach Federation, has also completed specialized training in Career and Relationship Coaching.


Since starting her own coaching practice in 2009, Liz has dedicated herself to helping clients achieve their personal and professional goals. Her coaching expertise covers a wide range, including Executive & Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching, and Personal Coaching, addressing diverse needs from business expansion to work-life balance improvement. Liz’s clientele is varied, encompassing professionals from fields like Project Management, IT, and Medicine. In addition to individual coaching, she has been involved in Outplacement & Career Transition Coaching and regularly conducts workshops on career and personal coaching topics. Liz’s corporate coaching services include customized in-house programs focusing on Emotional Intelligence Skills, Mindfulness, Team Building, and other key areas. She has facilitated workshops for notable organizations such as AIB, EBS Building Society, and HSBC London, demonstrating her versatility and expertise in fostering professional development and organizational growth.




Welcome to “Coaching Skills for Agile Leaders” – A Workshop for Dynamic Leadership Transformation

In today’s world, many of our leaders of change are provided with the tools and processes to ensure the required outcome is delivered.

However with diverse teams located across the globe – most time is spent on defining WHAT the work is, while little or no support is given to the manager in developing the team and the individuals within it, and HOW they are going to work together most effectively.

This can result in poor team engagement, misunderstandings, unresolved conflict, and failure to deliver.

This practical two and a half day programme will give Team Managers and Leaders a good foundation of the skills and techniques to accelerate the delivery of great results and develop the team’s engagement and agility – setting clear objectives, providing empowerment and ownership, and constructive actionable feedback.

This course spreads modules over five half days giving participants opportunities to implement their learning in practice.


Course format and dates:

HYBRID (2.5 days): 8th-9th May (in-person, Dublin Ireland) 10 – 5 pm and 16 May (online, Zoom): 12noon to 4 pm GMT

REMOTE Via Zoom (5 half days): 17 & 18 April; 1 & 2 May and 16 May: 12noon to 4 pm GMT


Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to apply the following:

·       – Best practice in individual and team development and choosing appropriate styles of leadership

·       – Coaching the team as an entity

·       – Understanding the conditions required for successful collaboration and teamwork

·       – Clarifying of goals and outcomes required of individuals and team

·       – Ensuring that individual and team values are aligned to achieve desired goals

·       – Using design thinking approach to develop listening, empathy & collaboration skills

·       – Building on individual and combined strengths within the team

·       – Ensure results are achieved through collaboration and constructive conflict


·       Programme Objectives

Session 1: Focused on the Manager as Coach – learning the foundation skills to coach individuals and to develop self-awareness

Session 2: Focused on Coaching the Team – establishing firm foundations and creating the conditions for effective teams

Session 3: Working through Divergence & Difference – understanding how to work through and with conflict and different styles

Session 4: Bringing Convergence & Communication – designing ways to support healthy communication within the team

Session 5: Creating A Sustainable Plan – putting all of the learning into practice and planning next steps for the team


All through practical work, discussion, reflection, use of online tools where applicable to support collaboration across hybrid / remote teams

Programme Content

Includes Individual and Team Coaching scenarios and practice throughout and opportunities to implement in between.


Part 1a – Manager as Coach

– Coaching Overview

– Role of Manager / Leader

– Key Competencies for coaches

– Active Listening

– Goal Setting/GROW model

– Listening Practice


Part 1b – Coaching the Team

– Team Development principles

‌- Team or Group?

– Role of Team Coach

– Creating the Contract

– Team Social Charter Purpose & Norms

– Fixed and Growth Mindsets

– Listening Practice


Part 2a – Working through Divergence & Difference

– Coaching Mindset

– Harnessing Conflict

– Feedback AID Model

– Four Types of Human Behaviour

– Team Social Charter: Our Values & Goals

– Coaching Practice – Noticing Body Language


Part 2b – Convergence & Communication

– Good Communication & Challenges of Hybrid Teams

– Creating Cohesion & Trust – Psychological Safety

– Appreciative Inquiry

– Powerful Questioning Practice


Part 3 – Building a Sustainable Plan

– Reflect on progress

– Recap on previous sessions

– Coaching Demonstration

– Harnessing Conflict

– Coaching Practice

– Creating a plan for sustaining coaching practice


– Revisit Role of Manager as Coach


Who Should Attend?

Team Managers

Project Leaders

Agile Practitioners

Anyone looking to enhance their coaching and leadership skills


Workshop Highlights

Interactive Learning: Engage in practical exercises and discussions

Expert Guidance: Learn from Liz Barron’s extensive coaching experience

Flexible Format: Choose between Hybrid or Remote sessions

Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals

Certification: Earn recognition from ALI


Why Choose This Workshop?

Enhance Team Agility: Learn techniques to boost team productivity and adaptability.

Conflict Resolution Skills: Master the art of navigating team conflicts and fostering a collaborative environment.

Communication Mastery: Improve your ability to facilitate effective team communication.

Actionable Strategies: Develop a sustainable plan for continued leadership and team growth.


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What is the main focus of the “Coaching Skills for Agile Leaders” course?
The course aims to enhance the coaching skills of Team Managers and Leaders in agile environments. It focuses on individual and team development, conflict resolution, effective communication, and aligning team values with organizational goals.
Who should attend this course?

The course is designed for Team Managers and Leaders, particularly those working in agile settings who wish to develop their coaching skills and team management capabilities.
What are the format options for the course?

The course is offered in two formats: a Hybrid option spanning 2.5 days, and a Remote option spread over 5 half days.
Are there any prerequisites for attending the course?

While specific prerequisites are not mentioned, the course is most beneficial for those with some experience in team management and leadership roles.
Who is facilitating the course?

The course is facilitated by Liz Barron, an experienced coach and finalist for ICF Ireland Coach of the Year 2023.
What is the pricing structure for the course?

The course features a range of pricing options, encompassing both early bird and super early bird discounts. Additionally, we provide group discounts: a 20% discount for groups of 20, a 10% discount for groups of 10, and a 5% discount for groups of 5.
Can the course be tailored for in-house training?

Yes, the course is suitable for in-house training for groups of at least 16 people.
Can I Earn PDU or SEU Credits by Participating in This Course?

Yes, you certainly can! Our course is designed to help professionals like you earn valuable credits for your ongoing education and professional development. By participating in our course, you can earn both PDU (Professional Development Units) and SEU (Scrum Educational Units) credits.





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